Aspiring to make it to ‘The List’?

This package is designed for people, having a knack of writing and whose aspirations centers with the idea of not only writing the book but actually feel it formulate in the crispness of words in paper.

Feel that smell of a new books and getting a punch that this is YOURS? Top it up with feeling of making it to “THE LIST”.Just Go For it.

Tired of waiting for Writing Experience?

Well guess what? We will help you shed this myth that writing or writing experience is what makes an ‘Author’. Writing is a much simpler process. We got you thinking right? We will guide you via video tutorials and with the help of just ‘four step process’ involving research will enable you to write ‘YOUR’ book speedily. Just Sign up NOW.

Does your Earnest Wish includes ‘MY BRAND’ and Earn More Money?

Are you a Consultant, Professional, Entrepreneur, Trainer or Coach – Yes?

Do you own a brand or are synonymous to ‘Brand – No?’

Well this offer has been custom made for you. We will guide you to position your existing knowledge and skills in a manner that money blasts in by writing a book via our webinar model. Just write it up.

My book is not ready yet. I am still writing it. Should I still signup?

The answer is – YES. There are 3 reasons for that:

  1. Once you signup, you’ll have a team dedicated to guide you on your topic; discussions, brainstorming, choosing the better content and what not, you name it and our team will help you do it.
  2. Well like any other offer this too is limited and we cannot promise that this will be lower priced in upcoming time. Sign Up NOW! Lock It NOW! And you can proceed writing your book with an ease in mind regarding varying prices. 
  3. Commitment is the first step and it makes you gain momentum aligning everything automatically and in no time you will see your dreams becoming reality.
After I signup, is there a time limit within which I need to submit the book. What is the validity of the offer after the signup?

The beauty of this offer is an open end for YOU. Take your time and submit when you are thorough and through with your manuscript. We however will start work immediately once you ‘Sign up’ so that we are through with cover book design, landing pages/websites as whenever you submit we are ready with the basic work saving us time.

Is there any other expense/investment that I need to pay other than what I invest in the package with you.

Your investment is ‘Done’ with us. The expenses will now be pertaining to Facebook ads and to gain subscribers.

You are giving 5 Free copies. How do I order more?

Very simple! We offer you extra copies online at printing cost you just need to order it and we will provide it to you after printing. The cost towards printing and shipping has to be paid by you; for paperback books it comes to Rs.80-100 per copy.