About Us

Blue Diamond Publishing was formed with the objective to aid the new generation writers with Tools and Services for Editing, Designing, Marketing and Distribution of Book. Blue Diamond Publishing does self publishing and also follows traditional approach, we support the new authors and have redefined the publishing business by making author the master of their destiny. Writers known or unknown can approach Blue Diamond Publishing and we will make sure that your Dream is realized.

Writer has the power of words, which they with their ideas, imagination, efforts and research transform in to a story, Publisher is an accomplice helping the writer in this journey by publishing his story in the form of a ‘Book’ and making it accessible to millions across the world.Publishing is a serious business as it involves transformation of an Art (writing) to tangible being and making it accessible to millions worldwide.

Writing was not difficult part, finding a publisher for your book was tough. We at Blue Diamond Publishing cater to every aspiring author whoeither is looking for help on writing and publishing. We help you in: where & how to start, or when you facing difficulty inthe process, asit is so complex that you have lost your motivation, or you are facing time management issues.

Blue Diamond Publishing has limitless approach when it comes to book publishing so whether the purpose of your writing is to target Coaches, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Literature, Research, Management, and Engineering etc.;we welcome you to be a member of this publishing revolution.

Blue Diamond Publishing comprises of perfect balance of team members having expertise in Creative and Analytics. We are in sync with both the coins of business ‘Author’ and ‘Audience’ and our objective is to serve both.
In the past few years we have helped aspiring writers by publishing their books and establishing them as ‘Authors’ with global audience making their dreams true. Blue Diamond Company unlike other publishing companies supports their author by being available on phone, supporting marketing activities, quality work (editing,designing, etc.